Ponderings of love and other thoughts

It’s been awhile, in that window days have gone by, and life has dragged and has been swift. My birthday came and passed by, I am a year older. To a new year of graces and mercies and to everything that bears the breath of heaven!

Lately, my heart has been lurking on “our oneness with God”, I am not sure I can articulate these ponderings yet. You know when you incubate something in your depths that only your heart seems to comprehend yet you really want it to bridge your mind so that you can be able to name it, explain it or describe it.

I have been quietly listening to my heart and been slowly trying to understand how the love of God morphs in our heart. How He moves, dwells, captivates, betroths and makes us one with Him.

I have traveled back to the time I got saved, when I heard Him speak to me so clearly yet inaudibly, no one told me it was Him, I just knew… and since then I got acquainted to a love I never thought possible, He has let me feel the pounding of His heart, I have dwelt there, and in Him I have found “completeness”, “wholeness”   I have tasted His love, fallen in it, tested it, interacted with and proved it…It has been more than I can comprehend.

I am compelled to believe God’s heart beats with every one of His, and when we hurt He hurts too. Our oneness with Him subscribes Him to our hurts and pain.

Most of the pain God allows is for our chastening, and chastening dispels and cuts off the degree of our human weakness [pride, selfishness, greed, vanity, unfaithfulness…….] to create space for more of Him, that He may dwell richly in us. So, if you’re being chastened, don’t be disheartened. Take courage, He’s with you! He’ll never leave you nor forsake you.

probably you’re reading this and have never experienced His love, or you’ve searched for love in the wrong places may God’s love find you.I sought love in the wrong places for so long, for so long I felt hollow until God’s mercies reached me.

I have in the past been that wrong place, I have treaded on hearts without care and wounded some badly, and for this I pray to be forgiven as I have forgiven.

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Now, here is one of my favorite songs. Hope it blesses you!