I would like you to meet____



Meet Miss please keep off!

This could be your friend as she is mine……..

She’s quiet and reserved, she’s the type who looks desolate, melancholy and lost, but when you engage her you find there’s a beauty unexplored and days of sunshine that should have been and could be. She’s been hurt by life and walks guarded, speaks guarded and hugs shielded. In this seemingly dark and gloomy heart, lays a flower that can blossom if the sun would touch it with its gentle golden rays.

In this shattered heart I know a man has been there, she has loved, compromised and has been hurt

Her walls are unfortified, all pillars lay low, she walks shattered, sleeps shattered and lives shattered

God has looked at her, bled for her but she has not trusted enough to even let Him heal her

This saddens me and I say a prayer for her.



Miss sunshine,

and you would never guess the girl that lights up everyone could be this one……….

This one would shine and refresh like the morning sun, she can light up the world, she can rise up and be an icon. She’s a star and she knows it, she’s not yet been or seen her glory. She has lived in both worlds; of gloom and shine, although she belongs to one more than the other.

Her life has not been perfect; there was a dad who abused her, who crawled into her bed and broke more than her hymen. Since then she has struggled to rise up and sit on her esteemed seat, this dad keeps pulling her down with what he made her that night, what he said to her without even speaking

when she fought him hard and all her strength got lost within his mighty arms, she learnt how to surrender, she learnt how to be vulnerable and weak, she learnt all that would keep  her crying in a dark corner when the world would demand her to rise up and take her place.


Please give me the sun or the cloud but not both

The air is saturated with so much: soo good, soo bad
All that is strong, all that is fragile
Ever got caught between ecstatic joy and a distant sense of grief?
Caught between hope and despair and you’re not sure which will win the day?
Will faith stick out of the sand ?

A friend loved and cherished becomes distant and cruel
And in sequence other friendships become richer
So, it feels like wedding on a sick bed
Or cloud on a sunny day

Deep hungers roar, they had been there, I had ignored them and now they are demanding my attention like monsters seeking a kill
Gosh, why now? When the peace was almost perfect, when harmony had wrapped around my rhythm
I ask questions, I ask my sensible self, I ask God, I ask Google
These questions have carved around my mind, my emotions and everything else that is me that even when am not asking, they seek expression in my body language and the works of my hands
So I think it’s better to be blue or yellow but not both

When they happen at the same time, it feels like mockery, they bring about the potential of sorrow and joy without letting you really feel or live long enough in any
In my circles I have friends exchanging vows soon, can’t wait! and another has lost her dad and from this I know we have to accommodate both joys and blues even when they are parallel. We will grieve and bury,vows will be exchanged and we will slip into our dancing shoes,  make merry and be happy.