we can light up the world!

After a really long time, I finally got around to blogging again. Every time I read Ann’s blog I feel refreshed and rejuvenated, Clemence’s blog gets me inspired to create beauty around me, now and then in my rounds on the internet I get a good meal of an article, some so savoury that I thank God after reading.

Last year was a very sweet and sour year for me. There was a time of constant pain that felt too much and a time heaven sang over me, lifted me up and placed me on a pillowy cloud. On those dark days, I hanged on to Mwende’s blog I looked forward to every post and I did feed and from her blog I linked up with Wambui of Wambui’s musings and here I fed some more, and those two blogs strengthened me through a dark season.

Now, it’s no surprise that I feel obliged to share ,to give , to muster the courage to believe in the light my Father has lit in me, to believe that Jesus has placed a cistern that flows of living water that can flow to others and heal them, to believe in Him that asks me to reach out and hold hands and form strong chords with other young women, to truly believe that His spirit can weave in these words and minister to someone.

“Self doubt has killed more dreams than failure” I recently read that quote somewhere. I know that self-doubt is self-sabotage and sometimes we doubt ourselves and doubt God’s ability to work through us, to minister healing to the whole lot in the body of Christ that are bent in pain and suffering, to speak grace and tell of His heart that aches to take under His wings the estranged and the lost
I have not a lot together, I know my imperfections and because of them I need grace everyday and it’s also because I am not perfect that I get to see His awesome power overshadow my frailties.

let’s light our candles!