Since morning this question has had a grip on me “what is salvation?”

I tell God severally I want to be His mouthpiece, His hands and His feet, I want to carry His love, and embrace the ones He would like to embrace.

I want to light up my candle and seek dark places and corners to light.

But how would this look practically?

How would it look in action?

How would I incorporate this in my daily life?

If then Jesus laid out the path, am I following His path or have I detoured?

If Jesus would walk with me along Central park as I go to work every day, what would He do or say to the street families that shelter in the cold here?

I walk along this path every morning, the sight of the street families bother me and leave a powerlessness kind of vulnerability within that I am unable to look at them. I can’t comprehend street life and I suppress any need to understand, how can someone who has always had a roof over her head, hot meals and hot baths understand such lack. That’s why I suppress any need to comprehend because my heart aches already.

I repeat this daily. I strut in, see them, I feel deep sympathy and I refuse to feel broken. I say a prayer for them, walk past them and I feel justified that I have done something-I have prayed.

As soon as they are behind me the sun rises on me again and I walk either singing jolly and musing after the breathtaking yellow flowers just around the corner or I get deep buried under my own troubles and sorrows.

How did I, you, us learn to be so numb, so blind, so apathetic in being Christ-like? But again, it could be their case looks too helpless, we’ve grown up seeing them on the streets and that has been their place.

Sorry, I don’t mean to bash you or myself either. I understand this might be uncomfortable to look at and I admit it has been for me but could we look at it?

Could we muster the courage to listen to their stories?Because I know listening is akin to caring

Could we allow ourselves to feel what they have been deadening with glue and drugs?

Could we allow ourselves to ache for them and even go on our knees asking Him for strategies and ideas to alleviate their suffering?

Jesus, if you walked with me along this road, would you walk past them? What would You say to them?